Irreversible Photochromic Material. A material can change color when expose to uv light and the color won’t change back.   PHOTOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with UVA radiation.  THERMOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with temperature.  FRAGRANCE MICROCAPSULE MATERIAL Long lasting microcapsules release fragrance longer than six months.  LONG LASTING GLOW IN THE DARK MATERIAL Store light and heat from conventional sources, and glow in the dark.  INVISIBLE FLUORESCENT MATERIAL It is white or invisible under conventional visible light and appears colorful fluorescence under UV/IR light.

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We are open to take orders of Bisphenol A -free thermochromic products on and after March 25. Please contact us for more information.

Colors Available: Magenta, Black, Orange, Dark Blue

Activation Temperatures: -15℃ ~ 70℃