Irreversible Photochromic Material. A material can change color when expose to uv light and the color won’t change back.   PHOTOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with UVA radiation.  THERMOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with temperature.  FRAGRANCE MICROCAPSULE MATERIAL Long lasting microcapsules release fragrance longer than six months.  LONG LASTING GLOW IN THE DARK MATERIAL Store light and heat from conventional sources, and glow in the dark.  INVISIBLE FLUORESCENT MATERIAL It is white or invisible under conventional visible light and appears colorful fluorescence under UV/IR light.

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  Established in 1987, NCC is now the leading company in the field of colorchanging materials in Taiwan, specializing in photochromic material, thermochromic material, glow-in-the-dark material, liquid crystal, long-lasting microcapsulated fragance and black light material. The applications of our products almost cover everything from research projects, medical devices, 3C products, textile , toys, and other novelties

  NCC cooperates with Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute and many other research institutes to develop new materials with greater reliability and improved performance. Our technology expertise and market knowledge always make customers do business with us easy.

  More than a material manufacture, we develop innovative and creative solution for our customers to support them in all phases from concept to final products. From the most technically demanding to pure novelty applications, NCC is your first choice of color changing products.