Irreversible Photochromic Material. A material can change color when expose to uv light and the color won’t change back.   PHOTOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with UVA radiation.  THERMOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with temperature.  FRAGRANCE MICROCAPSULE MATERIAL Long lasting microcapsules release fragrance longer than six months.  LONG LASTING GLOW IN THE DARK MATERIAL Store light and heat from conventional sources, and glow in the dark.  INVISIBLE FLUORESCENT MATERIAL It is white or invisible under conventional visible light and appears colorful fluorescence under UV/IR light.
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UV-001 TM-033
A photochromic material is one that changes colors when exposed to sunlight/UV. and reverts to it original color when the sunlight/UV is dimmed or blocked. Thermochromic materials are microcapsules that change color reversibly with temperature.
Finished Category:Microcapsulated Fragrance ShowRoom Finished Category:Long-lasting Glow ShowRoom
SS-001 NL-019
Fragrance microcapsule material, also known as long-lasting fragrance, releases scent steadily over six months. Various scents are available. Long lasting glow in the dark material is actually inorganic pigment, which can self glow in the dark. It is strontiumaluminate type glow material, having longer afterglow and life than that of zinc sulfide type.
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BL-001 LQ-001
absorb UV/IR and then emit colorful fluorescence almost instantaneously. Light energy gets released very fast in the process. -