Irreversible Photochromic Material. A material can change color when expose to uv light and the color won’t change back.   PHOTOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with UVA radiation.  THERMOCHROMIC MATERIAL Change color with temperature.  FRAGRANCE MICROCAPSULE MATERIAL Long lasting microcapsules release fragrance longer than six months.  LONG LASTING GLOW IN THE DARK MATERIAL Store light and heat from conventional sources, and glow in the dark.  INVISIBLE FLUORESCENT MATERIAL It is white or invisible under conventional visible light and appears colorful fluorescence under UV/IR light.

1. Introduction

Through the microcapsule technology , fragrance oil is sealed in multi-layer microcapsules gradually releasing scent over six months subjected to pressure、friction、heat or self-volatilization.

2. Product Description

A. Standard Scents

a. Herbal Scents: Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Mint

b. Fruit Scents: Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, Apple, Grape

c. Others: Cypress, Sandalwood, Camphor

B. Make-to-order Scents

a. Herbal Scents: Vanilla, Chamomile, Gillyflower, Tulip, Pine, Orchid, White ginger lily

b. Fruit Scents: Blueberry, Watermelon, Cherry, Coconut, Coffee, Muskmelon, Banana, Pineapple, Kiwi

c. Other Scents: Honey, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chutty

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C. Custom Scented Microcapsules:

OEM service for scented microcapsules is available. Just provide us any pure solvent base fragrance oil you like.

3. Applications

A. Available Products & Applicability
B. Scented Slurry

a. Product Description

Scented slurry is microencapsulated aqueous dispersion with good dispersal in water, suitable for water based paint. The average particle size of the slurry is 3-10µm.

Its solid content is difficult to be measured due to the volatilizing property of fragrance.

b. Properties

Dispersed easily in water, that means the product is suitable for aqueous based paint/ink and screen printing.

c. Recommended Concentrations

For aqueous based ink/paint                        5%~30% w/w
(For best results, about 25% concentration is required for 20µm film thickness)

d. General Recommendations

Avoid strong smell ink/paint which may interfere the scent.

Slurry may get clotted during storage. Heating the slurry to 45℃ in a double boiler to disperse.

C. Scented Microcapsulated Powder

a. Product Description

The product is multi-formulated, containing moisture ≦ 3%. Its average particle size is 3-12µm.

b. Properties

The product is encapsulated with Melamine shells, with very good solvent resistance and dispersiveness, suitable for ink/paint and plastic injection/extrusion.

c. Recommended Concentrations

For solvent/aqueous based ink/paint                  5%~30% w/w
(For best results, about 25% concentration is required for 20µm film thickness)

For plastic injection/extrusion                1% ~5% w/w
(For best results, about 0.5% concentration is required for 0.2cm plastic thickness)

d. General Recommendations

For injection/extrusion, using plastic needed to be processed at low temperatures such as EVA, PU, and so on.

To avoid solvents affecting core fragrance through permeation, solvent based scented paint/ink should be used right after being prepared.

D. Scented Dye bath

a. Product Description

Scented dye bath comprises of scented slurry and silicon (high efficiency adhesives), suitable for dipping and spraying.

b. Properties

Function as fragrance enhancement, softener and bactericide.

Durable over 10 washes.

c. Recommended Concentrations

Pre-diluted 20~50 times before use. Enhance concentration for stronger scent.

d. General Recommendations

Avoid prolonged processing time which may affect the scent properties.

The recommended processing temperature is ≦ 140℃.

4. Miscellaneous

A. How do the scented microcapsules work?
B. Functions of scents

a. Inspiration: cypress(phytoncides), mint, lemon, jasmine, lavender.

b. Immune enhancement: eucalyptus, lemon, lavender.

c. Mood stabilizer: lavender, sandalwood.

d. Repellent: eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, camphor, lavender, lemon.

e. Air freshness: sandalwood, grapefruit, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon.

f. Beauty: lemon, jasmine, lavender

g. Anti-fungus/anti-bacterium: Capable of germ killing and scent release over time when working with nano-silver.

h. Others: Capable of working with FIR(far-inferred ray) and negative ion materials.

5. Others

A. Storage: Stored at room temperature. Keep sealed in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Best within twelve months if stored correctly.

B. Certifications: EN-71 & RoHS passed. Safe for food grade packing and toys.

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